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Dear Ernie,

I just wanted to drop yon a note to tell you how our business really took off a short time alter we got our machines.

I was really desperate to grow my business. We joined all kinds of organizations to help promote our carpet services. We got lots of opportunities to bid for jobs. But. we were always competing with some really big and established companies. We knew that we could do a great job, and we always told them just that. However, it was going to take a long time to get our business were we wanted it to he. We wanted to make some real money, now!

Then one night while I was "surfing " the net I ran across your web-site www.singerelectronics.com I had never heard of an auto dialer. As I said I was desperate and willing to try just about anything legal to build our business. So, after talking to you and learning how easy the Communicator I was to operate we bought two machines. BINGO!!! Using the Communicator I and your script we were able to generate over 100 HOT LEADS in one week. I won't tell you how much money we made. But, our business is booming now! I had to call out of town family in to help get some more trucks going! Thanks Ernie, your machines saved my business.


Glynn Johnson

Memorial Properties
May 11, 1998 Mr. Singer
Singer Electronics
47959 Highway 58
Oakridge, Oregon Dear Mr. Singer;

I'm writing to you today as the Manager of a large cemetery and mausoleum corporation in New Jersey. I have had the privilege of using you automatic dialing device for the past twelve years. In that time I have been totally satisfied with your machines. I have used both the Mark V machines' as well as your latest creation the "Communicator."

These machines have proven to work flawlessly exceeding my expectations in every way. Before I purchased your machines, I did a great deal of research on other machines and their manufacturing company throughout the United States. After many hours and much study I found your machines to be superior in design and ease of operation. The designs of your machines are ingenious, with meticulous attention to detail, they have helped me in my business tremendously. I could not imagine generating leads without the use these invaluable machines.

My dealings with you, Ernie, have always been a pleasure. I have found you eager to assist me with any questions, and your professional attitude toward me, and your work has been most reassuring. Mr. Singer, please have anyone call me that is considering purchasing one of your machines and I will be happy to share my wonderful experience with them.


Dennis J. Lysaght

Singer Electronics
Mr. Singer:
We have been using your automated telephone lead procurement system for approximately 10- years and have found this method to be most deffective and profitable.
The Unit operates 12-hours per day, 7-days a week and consistently obtains quality leads. Your message creation service provides effective scripts for our insurance services business.
our business is centered around leads. your Units provide quality leads at a very moderate cost. We strongly recommend the automated telephone lead system to any insurance sales person or agency.

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