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Telemarketing Lead Generator

Generating Leads

To generate leads you either need an expensive advertising program or you need a computerized device which searches your community, by telephone, to find people interested in your product or service. Our telemarketing system can run totally unattended. You put a professionally recorded marketing message into it, assign a block of numbers for it to call and it will then deliver your message to every home and business in your community. The purpose of the call is for lead generation, to find those who have an interest in what you're offering. Qualified leads are the result.

The called party will listen to your advertising message and then indicate his interest in more information by leaving his name, address, phone number and best time to call. You, at your convenience, can listen to those leads, set the appointment and go to sell.

Nothing is better for lead generation than this message delivery equipment. There's only a one-time investment and after that it works for you, FOR FREE, for the rest of your life.
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