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Telemarketing Lead Generator

Political Advertising

Recordings by personalities and delivering those via telephone is one of the most effective means of persuading people to vote your way. Bill Clinton, George Bush, Jeb Bush and many others used this effective method to sway the electorate. Delivering messages by electronic means is one of the fastest and most efficient ways of encouraging and exciting your organization. It is political advertising at its best.

What we offer is a 2-line telephone message delivery system. You can quickly record your message into it. Then you can either have it call your entire community or lists of target phone numbers. It can deliver its message to anyone who answers the phone or even to answering machines. In any case, your important message is delivered with speed and efficiency. Every local election board needs one of these machines to keep the excitement and momentum going.

You get your message delivered that very hour and not days or weeks later when the news has lost its importance.

"Hello, this is Barbara Bush calling regarding a very important issue in this upcoming election. . ."

"Hello, my name is Brenda Moss and I'm calling to urge you to vote against incumbent Mayor George McPherson. . ."

"Hello, I'm calling on behalf of the Oregon Republican Party to notify you that Senator Gordon Smith will be holding a rally at the Medford armory. . ."

"Hello, I'm calling on behalf of Roseburg Democrats to inquire if you would allow us to put up signs on your property promoting the election of Al Gore. . ."

"Hello, I'm calling with this recorded message seeking volunteers to help with Representative Dunston's re-election bid. . ."

"Hello I'm calling supporters of Senator Bryant with the exciting news that he has just gone ahead in the polls. . ."

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